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VR Plane Embraer ERJ190

923,00 PLN netto

VR Plane Embraer ERJ190
(8 godzin)

923,00 PLN netto

Dane dostępowe zostaną wysłane w ciągu 24 godzin od zaksięgowania wpłaty.

VR Plane is ALL4JETS virtual training solution for aircraft mechanical engineers, pilots, cabin crew and ground handling or airport personnel.  ALL4JETS Virtual Reality Plane (VR Plane) makes training much more accessible and affordable especially in pandemic times. You can access it at anytime from anywhere just right after you purchase the access. Most importantly you can access it from home or just from an office desk and not even need a classroom anymore.

We are offering our own solution that includes the access to the whole aircraft, not only the cockpit but all the interior panels as well as exterior airframe panels, landing gear wheel wells, or engine/APU access panels so you can study those areas in depth as well as not forgetting all the avionics.

Technical characteristics

Panorama pictures

  • Canon 750D (24Mpix) camera
  • 10mm lens
  • 36 photos per panorama
  • the resolution of the final panorama is approximately 144Mpix

Panoramas of hard-to-reach places

  • Ricoh Theta Z1 camera (panoramic)
  • resolution of the final panorama of 23Mpix

Pictures of detailed components

  • Nikon D850 camera (46Mpix)
  • 24mm lens
  • HDR or bracketing techniques used

About the software

  • based on HTML5, XML and Javascript
  • possibility to work online and locally
  • panoramas optimized in relation to the current magnification
  • free presentation implementation scheme (any transitions between panoramas)
  • 3 methods of calling panoramas (selection from the list, selection from the scheme, hotspots)
  • password protection

Currently we are offering 3 aircraft types:

  1. ATR 72-500
  2. Q400 NextGen
  3. Embraer ERJ190

Our solution is priced per 8 hours, so if you are an individual customer or a company you can access one aircraft just for EUR 199 for for 8 hours. Such approach generates traveling and real aircraft access cost savings and allows to avoid possible difficulties with aircraft’s availability.

VR Plane real life applications:

  1. Virtual cockpit – pilots can benefit from a real picture of the aircraft cockpit, name and localize all panels and instruments, exercise check list procedures, etc.
  2. Aircraft walk around and equipment location – for handling personnel – familiarizing withlocation of panels, doors, etc.
  3. Virtual walkaround – pilot can exercise, so called Pre-Departure-Check (PDC) and walk around the aircraft
  4. Maintenance – compartment and component location for maintenance personnel as well as knowledge of the aircraft systems

Key Features

Our Software is based on photos and videos in form of a virtual presentation, the exterior is shown in small detail of the real airplane. Same with interior of a cabin, galleys, cockpit and panels but not limited to:

  • Airframe 360 view
  • PW127, PW150, CF34 engines
  • MLG, NLG
  • Inlets & outlets
  • All Flight Controls
  • APU’s
  • Passenger & Cargo Doors
  • And much, much more…

System Requirements

Windows 10

Internet access

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